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two new albums!

17 june 2022

our third and fourth album, entitled ‘luna’ and ‘aurora’, will be released as complementary works on 19 august 2022 via trollzorn records!

Cover luna


  1. nicht alle dunkelheit der welt …
  2. stille, mehr stille
  3. luna I
  4. etwas
  5. luna II
  6. sturmgeweiht
Cover aurora


  1. aurora I
  2. gram und verve
  3. aurora II
  4. epiphanie
  5. essenz der wildnis
  6. … kann eines lichtes flackern trüben

here’s lyric video of sturmgeweiht as a glimpse of what’s to come:


new demos

21 december 2017

well, there you go! we finally have something new to show you guys: two pieces recorded in summer 2017: a rather gloomy piece called luna and a rather progressive piece called aurora. enjoy!

oh, and we have some kind of emblem now (see favicon), painted and edited by timon kokott. thanks, mate!


mattes has joined the party!

10 november 2016

we’ve finally found a new guitarist! his name’s mattes, and he plays tremolos extremely well.

as you may know, we’ve been working on new material for quite some time now, and with mattes on board, we’ll be able to do some serious polishing on our material. there’s definitely some development, musically. if you like rekonvaleszenz for its progressive elements, you may love our new stuff. if you like sehnsuchts wogen for its simplicity, however, chances are a bit lower, we’d say.

anyway, 2017 promises to become an awesome year for us.

looking for a new guitar player again

27 may 2016

robert will be moving to berlin for study, so we’re once again looking for a new guitar player.
on this occasion, have some additional reference material from our upcoming album!

complete again!

19 march 2016

finally! having found a new guitar player, we are now completely back in business. maike also took some pictures during our rehearsal last week:

on this occasion, we would also like to officially welcome matthias (keys), tobias (bass), alexander (drums) and robert (guitar)!


sample material for guitar players

5 december 2015

if you like this and live near bielefeld, please contact us.


line-up change

26 july 2013

for time reasons, maike and kavi will, unfortunately, leave the band. thank you very much for the past 5 years, and all the best!

We’re looking for a new keyboardist and a new guitarist. if interested, just send us an e-mail!


11 march 2013

Cover rekonvaleszenz


  1. phönix und asche
  2. im morgengrauen
  3. der sommerregen auf asphalt
  4. orion 2.1
  5. was einst im wind der wälder lag

release: 10 may 2013


sehnsuchts wogen

1 june 2012

Cover sehnsuchts wogen
  • 14/15
  • 9/10
  • 9/10

trollzorn records

20 march 2012

karge welten and träumen von aurora have parted ways due to conceptual dissent.

fortunately, we have already found a new label for our upcoming debut album sehnsuchts wogen: it is going to be released via trollzorn records on 1 june. we signed for two albums, so we can expect things to be straightforward from now on.


debut album in may

25 february 2011

our debut album is going to be released in may. the exact date will be announced as soon as possible.

(original news in german: unser debütalbum wird voraussichtlich im mai veröffentlicht. ein genaues datum wird so bald wie möglich bekannt gegeben.)

gold master finished

21 february 2011

the gold master of our album is finished!

(original news in german: der goldmaster des albums ist fertig!)

album title and tracks

6 february 2011

the album will be entitled sehnsuchts wogen and consist of 7 tracks.

(original news in german: das album wird den titel sehnsuchts wogen tragen und 7 tracks umfassen.)

vocals recorded

19 january 2011

vocals recorded!

(original news in german: vocals im kasten!)

excellent studio sessions

16 january 2011

drums, bass, guitars and keys have already been recorded. vocals will follow the next week.

(original news in german: spitzenmäßige studiosessions! drums, bass, gitarren und keys sind bereits eingespielt. im laufe der woche folgen die vocals.)

entering the studio

9 january 2011

from saturday on, we’ll be in the studio to record our album!

(original news in german: ab samstag endlich im studio für die albumaufnahmen!)


working with alfredo hernández

31 may 2010


alfredo hernández is working on the album with us.

friends, it’s going to be freaking amazing!

(original news in german: euphorisch! alfredo hernández arbeitet nun mit uns am album. freunde, es wird verflucht noch mal großartig!)


30 april 2010

confucius said:

‘a lack of patience in trifling matters might lead to the disruption of great project.’

still working on the mix somewhat unfocussedly. cheers!

(original news in german: konfuzius sagt: »ist man in kleinen dingen nicht geduldig, bringt man die großen vorhaben zum scheitern.« sitzen noch immer unkonzentriert am mix. prost!)


demo recordings

1 june 2009

demo recordings are done. there will be something to listen to soon.

(original news in german: demo-aufnahmen sind im kasten. bald gibt’s hier also was zu hören.)