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welcome to our website!

here, you find all the information about the post/prog-black-metal band träumen von aurora, including releases, line-up and concerts.


two new albums!

17 June 2022

our third and fourth album, entitled ‘luna’ and ‘aurora’, will be released as complementary works on 19 august 2022 via trollzorn records!

Cover luna


  1. nicht alle dunkelheit der welt …
  2. stille, mehr stille
  3. luna I
  4. etwas
  5. luna II
  6. sturmgeweiht
Cover aurora


  1. aurora I
  2. gram und verve
  3. aurora II
  4. epiphanie
  5. essenz der wildnis
  6. … kann eines lichtes flackern trüben

here’s lyric video of sturmgeweiht as a glimpse of what’s to come:

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